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Interview mit Filmregisseur Lelouch: “Auch das schlimmste Geschenk ist ein Geschenk!”


Director Claude Lelouch is currently working on a new film, which deals with the inner conviction of all of us and the thousands of obligations between which we find ourselves. Today we have him with us to host and interview him about gifts.


He has nearly 50 films under his belt. He scored his first big success with A Man and a Woman (1966), winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar for best foreign film. He was with Live life nominated (1967) again for an Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film.

einmann a chick flick

His successful film “A Man and a Woman” (1966) won the Palme d’Or as well as the Oscar for best film ausländlischen.

– What is the first gift that you remember?

Coloring books. I loved it, some color and imagine owning thousands of colored pencils.

– What’s the best gift you have received?

A cow. I like to watch animals very much and cows is my way to do yoga to relax.

– What’s the worst gift you have received?

I do not remember, but also the worst gift is a gift.

– What is the gift, which you watch the most?

My health!

– What did you last paid, and to whom?

Dominique Segall, the press officer of my last films. He had recently lost his dog, and I gave him one. He has been pleased.

– What was you last paid?

A massage from my wife.

– If you had to give one of your movies, which one would you choose?

D’un film à l’autre (2011), because it contains almost all of my films in one.

-Thank you for the interview!

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